My interest in photography started at the age of 14 when I received an old, banged up 35mm Ricoh SLR from a family friend. I immediately fell in love with " this piece of junk " and started to shoot everything that came in my way; spending all my paper round money on films, processing and accessories. I joined the school's camera club as soon as I could and it wasn't long before I started taking photos for the school journal.

I joined the South African Air Force in 1996 where I was trained as an aerial photographer. I spent a glorious 5 years in the Air Force, covering all aspects of photography. During this time, I also did a lot of freelancing and ventured on various fields, from weddings to studio to commercial photography

In 2000, being the new millennium and all, I decided to spread my wings and seek some international photographic experience. I opted to move to the UK and spent my first few years in London, working at a photographic lab and freelance in my spare time. This gave me the perfect opportunity to form my own photographic company, specialising in commercial and lifestyle photography.

After gaining 18 years of extensive and valued international experience, I decided to return back to sunny South Africa.



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